Doofinder for WooCommerce


Doofinder provides fast, accurate results based on your website contents. Results appear in your search box at an incredible speed as the user types.

Doofinder can be installed in any website with very little configuration (you give us a data feed and we give you a bit of javascript code).

This extension allows you to easily populate the data feed Doofinder needs to be able to search your database and to insert the Doofinder layer script into your WooCommerce site.

With Doofinder you are confident that your visitors are finding what they are looking for regardless of the number of products in your site.

These are some advantages of using Doofinder in your site:

  • Instant, relevant results.
  • Tolerant of misspellings.
  • Search filters.
  • Increases the conversion rates.
  • No technical knowledge are required.
  • Allows the use of labels and synonyms.
  • Installs in minutes.
  • Provides statistical information.
  • Doofinder brings back the control over the searches in your site to you.

When users start typing in the search box, Doofinder displays the best results for their search. If users make typos, our algorithms will detect them and will perform the search as if the term were correctly typed.

Furthermore, Doofinder sorts the results displaying the most relevant first.

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WooCommerce MUST be installed before activating the plugin.

Doofinder installation and activation is made as in any other plugin.

These are two ways you can install the plugin:

  1. In the WordPress admin panel go to Plugins / Add New. Click “Upload Plugin”. Choose the *.zip file containing the plugin, and click “Install Now”. or…
  2. Unpack the contents of the *.zip file containing the plugin to the plugins folder. In the typical WordPress installation that will be “/wp-contents/plugins” folder.


Important: To use this plugin you need to have an account at Doofinder. If you don’t have one you can signup here to get your 30 day free trial period.

The minimum technical equirements are basically the same as the WooCommerce ones. Take a look at their server requirements for more info.



Enable the Layer

Enable the Doofinder JavaScript layer – when typing into a search field a window will pop up containing the list of results generated by Doofinder. This requires correct layer code pasted in the Layer Javascript Code field.

Layer Javascript Code

Here you can paste the Layer Javascript Code that can be found in the Doofinder Control Panel. It is required for the Javascript Layer to work.


Internal search overrides the default WooCommerce product search that happens when users enter their search term and press Enter (and the website goes to the search results page). It requires both correct API Key and Hash ID for the search engine registered with Doofinder.


Your API key can be found in the Doofinder Control Panel. Click on your profile name (in the header) and then on API Keys.

Hash ID

Search Engine’s Hash ID can be found in the Doofinder Control Panel. Click on Search Engines in the header. Hash ID will be visible next to the name of your Search Engine.


Protect feed with password

Feed containing products will be behind a password, and will be inaccessible without it. Use this option if you don’t want anyone to snoop on the properties of your products.

Feed password

The password protecting the product feed.

Export product prices

If this option is selected the product feed will contain prices of the products. If it is not selected then prices will be omitted.

Export product tags
If this options is selected, product tags will be exported in the feed under the tags tag.

Split variable products

If this option is selected then each variation of the variable product will be exported as a separate product.

Export values with units where applicable

Width, height, length and weight of the products will be exported with units. If the option is not selected then only the number will be exported.


Here you can change the default database fields used for the default feed fields and add any additional field you want to export.

For example – by default the product description (from the WordPress WYSIWYG editor) is exported as “description” in the feed. But you might want to export “Short Description” instead. You only have to choose it from the dropdown.

Additional Attributes

Here you can choose any additional attributes to be exported in addition to the default ones.

To do this simply type in the name of the attribute you want to add in the “Field” field (what you want the attribute to appear as in the feed), and from the “Attribute” dropdown you can choose which value should be exported. Then click Save.

You can click Delete to remove the additional attributes from the feed.


I have a problem with your plugin. What can I do?

Just send your questions to and we will try to answer as fast as possible with a working solution for you.


September 2, 2022
Ask for Lennon! Doofinder combined with Lennon is my new Agency Secret Weapon. I came across the plugin by accident, but within a couple of chats Lennon had 2 of my client sites hooked up and gathering stats. Within 2 weeks, I had real, actionable stats and steps on how to improve conversions for both sites. Within another week, sales on client websites started pouring in All of this was basically done out-of-the-box. Customers got to the product they wanted MUCH faster and checked out more products as a result. While we were letting the Doofinder app gather stats and improve search results, Lennon showed me how to use all the awesome features included. I am now a Doofinder PRO and by spending 10-15 minutes on a client site per month, I can increase sales and improve customer experience. It's a WIN-WIN. PRO tip: We've recently combined Doofinder search with the social media campaigns we're running for clients. So, run your ad campaigns. Keep an eye on searches coming in and for example, add synonyms for search terms with no results. Get more bang for your social media ad spend. Your clients will LOVE you! Do yourself and your clients a favour: Sign up for a trial, start a chat with Lennon and surprize one of your clients with a SALES boost in their online shop!
August 18, 2022
We have been looking for an improved search tool for some time, Doofinder is it! Sara and her team at Doofinder have been extremely helpful in getting this up and going for us, as I am not our web designer but was still able to make all necessary changes with her help. This search engine is so simple yet powerful. To me the best part of it is that it gives suggestions to incorrectly spelled search terms, while also being predictive as you type into the search. Allowing the user to narrow their search down by product category, or just to visually scroll seems to help a lot as well. 5 out of 5!
June 21, 2022
I've been looking for a search engine for my website and this thing is everything that I've been looking for and some things that I haven't even thought of yet. 100% 5 stars!!!
June 1, 2022
(english weiter unten) Ich kannte Doofinder schon von meiner alten Drupal Website, und nahm es sofort mit in WP/Woocommerce. Jedes Mal wo ich Schwierigkeiten hatte oder unsicher war über die richtige Einstellungen, bekam ich sehr schnell die richtige Unterstützung, ohne dass ich erst 3x genauer erklären musste :-p. Dabei wurde mir auch mehr angeboten als gefragt (tolle Optimierungen die ich selbst noch nicht im Blick hatte), und wenn ich es doch nicht mochte, war es gleich schnell rückgängig gemacht. Die Suchfunktion finde ich absolut klasse, schnell und effektiv. Wird auch stetig weiter verbessert, und Neuigkeiten lese ich immer in den Newsletter. Auf meiner Seite haben wir WooCommerce und WP Content in der gleichen Suche integriert, damit Besucher sofort alle passenden Informationen finden können und im Shop auf dem Blog/Ratgeber aufmerksam werden und umgekehrt. Im Admin-Bereich finde ich alle Data für eventuelle Optimierungen, wo vieles sehr fein eingestellt werden kann. Auch die Rückmeldungen aus Best Practice Data von Doofinder Worldwide geben interessante Ansätze. Ich möchte auf Doofinder nicht mehr verzichten. I already knew Doofinder from my Drupal Website, and integrated the search also on the new WP/WooCommerce Website. Whenever I had an issue I received very quick support which also solved the actual problem (not like some support desks where you have to explain eveything 3 times). I often even get more than what I asked for, and if I don't like it after all, it's instantly undone as well. The tool gets more powerful all the time and I appreciate the informative newsletters very much. On my site we integrated both woocommerce products as WP content in the same search so visitors always get all the information which might be helpful. In the admin panel I can find all data to customize the search functions, with very fine options. All data driven based own our statistics and best practice feedback from doofinder worldwide. I don't want to miss this search anymore.
May 4, 2022
Shaun has guided me through everything Doofinder has to offer. If you are looking for a high level of support, ask for him! The plugin itself does exactly as it says, and adds a powerful search tool to your website. The stats and information we now have access too allows us to increase conversions and make the users experience better.
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Contributors & Developers

“Doofinder for WooCommerce” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




Fixed bug in installation Wizard


Changed method for another more compatible with older php versions


Solved bug that made price to be converted into string




Updated admin endpoint


Fixed a bug that caused unwanted error logs to be displayed


Fixed issues while connecting to doofinder in Setup Wizard




Added sector selection step in Setup Wizard


Fixed jQuery noConflict issues




Added Live Layer “Add to cart” compatibility


Fixed issue with delete attribute button


Simplified Installation Wizard


Add the option to disable update on save


Add placeholder image for products without an image


Fix missing attributes for a multilingual woocommerce stores


Refactor for Woocommerce market place.


Fix new API specs.


More fixes in API indexation.


More fixes in special chars indexed through api.
Fixed some PHP warnings.


Fix special chars indexed through api.
Fix group_id and df_group_id sent as string.


Fix problem on delting products.


Fix variants indexing. Fix indexing taking too long time.


Extend API Exception logs


Set settings form always visible


Fix autoloader conflicts


Add query params hooks filter


Downgrade PHP version requirements


Remove uninstall hook


Updated PHP version


Bump setup wizard status info in config endpoint.


Update dependencies. Migrate module settings. Remove module settings on uninstall.


Prefix dependencies to prevent conflicts with other plugins. Fixed bug in Setup Wizard regarding saving API urls.


Enforce URL protocol when required.


Fix skip setup wizard and welcome button height.


Better variants indexing. Better logging. Bugfixes for categories in both API and feed indexing.


Updated Doofinder library to the latest version.


Properly export variants description when using short description attribute.


Fix problem with bulk API response processing.


Decode HTML entities when exporting categories.


Fixed problems with custom fields and categories.


Revert changes introduced in previous version due to indexing problems.


Fixed problems with custom fields and categories.


Fix problem with categories.


Expand logs, support for php v7.0, additional error msgs for users.


Fixed problem creating items in temporary indices via API.


Fixed SQL query to get ids. Expanded logs for debugging.


Fix posts per batch indexing limit when split variable active


Extended logging.


Fixed bug with variants indexing (#48)


Updated lib error classes for better logging.


Fixed problem during setup wizard for users with no search engines.


Fixed some UX bugs. Allow editing some settings.


Fix problem installing via setup wizard.


Big refactor to use our new indexing API (v2). New automatic setup wizard.


Add support for image sizes.


Check for existance of post_type before checking for its value.


Fix separation of multiple value attributes.




Only load variations for loaded products, instead of all.


Add some debugging information.


Export images in thumbnail size instead of full size.


Add the choice of custom meta fields to settings.
Use variations from parent on feed.


Fix inconsitence between internal search and JS Layer


Fix issues.


Fix issues.


Fix issues.


Minor changes.


Added support for banners in search results.


Minor compatibility fixes.


Updated price retrieving functions. Correctly handle custom attributes added at product level. Multisite support.


Handle taxonomy based catalog visibility for WooCommerce 3+.


Just added WooCommerce version checks.


Fixed version number.


Products with a visibility attribute but no specific value (visible by default in WooCommerce) are now exported in the data feed.


Added custom product attributes options to attribute selection fields. Now empty fields are not exported, saving space in the data feed.


Fixed bug that prevented products with no explicit visibility set from being exported in the data feed.


Added Export Product Tags feature.


More backwards compatibility with PHP 5.3.


Added backwards compatibility with PHP 5.3.


Fixed bug that could break the page layout when using server search integration.


Plugin built from the ground up. Added feed pagination, custom attributes, WPML support and more.


Fixed issue with taxes. Now prices are exported with the same taxes configuration the store uses when displaying products.


Fixed issue with unescaped characters in the XML.






Some bugfixes. Improved feed generation. Fixed a weird error with URL routes.


First usable version.