Fathom Analytics Conversions


This Fathom Analytics partner plugin makes it easy to enable WordPress forms and pages as Fathom Analytics Events with no code.

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What does this companion plugin do?

Makes it easy to track user actions such as form submissions and landing page visits as events in your Fathom Analytics account.

Best of all no technical knowledge is required to implement events on your site.

Key Features

  • No code event tracking for marketers and website owners
  • Common form plugins supported
  • Make any page or post an Event
  • Synchronized event names between website and analytics

Watch the setup walkthrough

This is not an official Fathom plugin

This WordPress plugin “Fathom Conversions” is not part of, or associated with “Fathom Analytics” by Conva Ventures Inc.

⚠️ Warning BETA API in use

This plugin uses the Beta Fathom Analytics API, which is still in early access, and subject to changes in the future, this plugin could stop working without warning if updates occur.

Privacy Notices

This plugin:

  • does not track any users
  • does not write any data to the database
  • sends data to the Fathom Analytics servers – more information can be found on Fathom Analytics website


You can find more information about the plugin, and see a demo and installation instructions on the Fathom Conversions website


For this to work you will need a paid Fathom Analytics account (get $10 off your first month with this link)

And a supported WordPress plugin listed below installed and active.

Currently supported plugins


  • Add your API Key here, and enable / disable integrations via the plugin settings.
  • We display the Event ID created by the plugin in the Fathom Dashboard, on a tab in Contact Form 7.
  • Events are created automatically in Fathom Analytics
  • You will need an API Key from Fathom Analytics


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

Easy method:

  1. From the WordPress dashboard Plugins > Add New search for ‘Fathom Analytics’ and click install then Activate
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Follow the instructions on the settings page to set up your API Key

Manual method:

  1. Download the zip file from this page and unzip
  2. Upload the entire fathom-analytics-conversions folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory using your favourite FTP tool
  3. Follow the instructions on the settings page to set up your API Key


Is this an official plugin?


The team at Fathom Analytics have been supportive of the production of this plugin, but it is not an official Fathom Analytics plugin.

Why did you build this plugin?

In January 2022 Google Analytics was deemed illegal in the EU as data would be sent to Google server’s in the US. this started our search for a more privacy focussed platform – we found Fathom Analytics.

In March 2022 Google announced sunset July 1, 2023 and data deletion (+6 months) of Google Analytics Universal, with no data being kept essentially forcing users on to Google Analytics v4. This only complicates matters for the billions of sites using Google Analytics, and does not deal with the privacy requirements of EU users.

Looking for an analytics tool to replace Google Analytics, we found Fathom and loved it for it’s simplicity and GDPR compliance. The one blocker however, was adding events was a code reliant task, something we badly wanted to be easier. The official plugin makes it easy to place the tracking code on the page, it does not add the ability to create events/conversions easily.

So to make this easier for ourselves, marketers, website owners and non-coders – we built this plugin to have the ability to easily track these user events with only a few clicks. Fathom Analytics Conversions is the no code answer for WordPress and Fathom Analytics users.

Who are you?

We are the team from SixFive and we build, host and care for our clients websites built on WordPress. We have more than 20 years experience with hundreds of clients globally.

How do I get started?

  1. Start by creating your account on Fathom Analytics
  2. Install the official Fathom Analytics plugin, and configure it with your site ID.
  3. Install or upload this plugin
  4. Go to Settings > Fathom Analytics Conversions and follow the steps to create your API Key
  5. Open the Fathom Analytics API Settings page
  6. Create a new token, using a sensible name
  7. Create as a ‘Site-specific key’
  8. Set Access to ‘Manage’ (this is because we need to create Events, not just track against them)
  9. Click Generate API Key
  10. Copy the API Key and paste into Settings > Fathom Analytics Conversions
  11. Click ‘Save Changes’
  12. Check the boxes for the installed plugins you want to track data from

The plugin will then go through all our supported plugins and create the matching events. As soon as your form has a submission it will be recorded in your Fathom Analytics dashboard.

I have a feature request

Please create a feature request in the WordPress plugin support pages.

I have a bug or issue

Please create a thread in the WordPress plugin support pages.


January 27, 2023
Nice lightweight plugin that does exactly what it says on the tin… set-up inside of a couple of minutes and it’s working perfectly with both woocommerce and wp forms integrations. Events logged in fathom with absolutely no fuss. Well done to the dev for his hard work on this.
December 4, 2022
If you’re a Fathom Analytics user, adding the Fathom Analytics Conversions plugin to your stack is a no-brainer. Manually configuring event tracking in Google Analytics is a pain. But it’s a whole ‘nother story for this plugin. It’s incredibly straightforward to set up. From simple page visit conversions to form submission-based conversions (I use the Fluent Forms integration), event tracking in Fathom Analytics Conversions just works. It now even works with Fathom’s custom domain configuration, as detailed in their documentation (Google it). ^This is something I’ve personally communicated with Duncan, the developer, about. He’s a pleasure to communicate with. And he and his team were quick to support this feature when I mentioned I wanted to see support for custom Fathom domains added to the plugin. Do yourself a favor and take your Fathom Analytics utilization to the next level by implementing some super easy to configure event tracking for your websites. It’s a huge value add for clients to see the effectiveness of their content marketing and SEO campaigns. Thanks Duncan and team for creating and continuing to improve on this great, free plugin!
August 10, 2022
If you would like to have goals tracking with Fathom this is going to be a lifesaver! A very valuable and helpful plugin which uses the native Fathom API. Great work!!!
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Contributors & Developers

“Fathom Analytics Conversions” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




Changed developer website
Hide the meta box for non public post types – FIXES https://wordpress.org/support/topic/hide-the-meta-box-for-non-public-post-types/


Added ability to add classes or id’s to elements to trigger events


  • Added ability to flag conversion for Login and Registration events


  • Moved JS to files to support caching plugins and deferred loading


  • WooCommerce support, adding order total to the event


  • Allowing custom fathom code option, and removal of reliance on official Fathom Plugin


  • Removed check of site name


  • Changed URL to the API Page to meet the new usefathom.com URL


  • Added support for Gravity Forms
  • Added support for Fluent Forms
  • Added support for Ninja Forms
  • Added support for URL based conversions


  • Added support for WP Forms Free & Pro


  • Added deletion of plugin settings on plugin delete


  • First version supporting Contact Form 7