Radio Player – Live Shoutcast, Icecast and Any Audio Stream Player for WordPress


A simple, easy-to-use and fully customizable web Radio Player for WordPress.

Radio Player is specially configured to play any MP3, Shoutcast, IceCast, Radionomy, Airtime, Live365,, and any Audio stream in your WordPress website.

👉The most powerful and unique feature of this plugin is that It can play an HTTP streams on an HTTPS website.


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  • Shortcode Player – Display the radio player anywhere using the [radio_player] shortcode.
  • Current Track/ Song Metadata – Radio player can grab and display the currently playing track or song title, artist name and artwork image.
  • MP3 + AAC + M3U8 Compatibility – Radio Player plugin can play any audio source including .mp3, .aac, .m3u8 and more.
  • Add Unlimited Players – You can add unlimited radio players as you want.
  • Multiple Player Skins – 3+ player skins are available in the free version with different layouts and styles.
  • Mobile Media Notification – While playing a radio station, users can see currently playing station information and can play/ pause the radio player from the mobile notification bar.
  • Player Duplicator – Radio Player comes with a player duplicator that allows you to duplicate your previously created players with all the settings.
  • Realtime Player Editing Preview – You can customize the player appearance with a real-time preview. You can change the player colors, background color, background image, width, border radius, box shadow, and more.
  • Custom CSS – You can add custom CSS to customize the player.
  • Player Embed Code – You can embed the player anywhere using the embed code.
  • Multiple Instances – You can use multiple radio player in a single page.
  • Gutenberg Block – Radio Player comes with a Gutenberg block that you can use to display your player on any page or post.
  • Elementor Widget – Radio Player comes with an Elementor widget that you can use to display your player on any page or post.


  • All Free Features
  • HTTP Stream Player – You can play a HTTP radio stream in a HTTPS website.
  • Sticky Player – Radio Player provides a sticky player with multiple styles (Fullwidth, Mini-Fullwidth & Floating) to play your radio stream on all the pages of your website.
  • Specific Pages Sticky Player – Radio Player also provide the ability to display the Sticky Player on specific pages.
  • Multiple Player Skins – 10+ player skins are available in the PRO version with different layouts and styles.
  • Play History – Radio Player PRO comes with a play history feature that allows you to display the list of recently played tracks.
  • Multiple Radio Stations – You can add multiple radio stations with title, stream url and thumbnail. Users can play the stations by using the next/ previous buttons.
  • Stations Playlist – Users can choose and play any station from the radio stations playlist of the player.
  • Play Statistics – Radio Player allows you to track the play statistics of your players. You can see the total number of play count, total number of listeners, and the most played players.
  • Popup Player – Popup radio player is available to play the radio in a new popup window for a better listening experience for the user.
  • Customize Popup Player Size – You customize the popup player width & height.
  • Color Customizations – Color customizations available for customizing the radio player appearance.

🎯 Basic Usage

  • Add a New Player – To play a radio station, first you need to add a new player. You can add a new player from the Radio Player page on your WordPress dashboard.
  • Display the Player – After adding a new player, you can display the player in your website in various ways. You can display the player anywhere using the [radio_player id="player_id"] shortcode. You can also display the Radio Player in any page or post by using the Radio Player Gutenberg block and Elementor widget.
  • Display the Sticky Player – For displaying the sticky player, you need to select the Player that you want to display as sticky player from the Radio Player > Settings > Sticky Player Settings. You can also display the sticky player only on specific pages. From the Exclude Pages settings,
  • Play HTTP Streams – For playing HTTP streams, you need to enable the HTTP player from the Radio Player > Settings > HTTP Player Settings.

✅ Compatibility

Radio Player has no dependency on any other WordPress plugin or theme. You can use the Radio Player plugin with any theme.

Radio Player plugin Works with any mp3 or aac stream and any major radio provider including ShoutCast, IceCast, Radionomy, Airtime, Live365, etc.


  1. The autoplay will not work because browsers disables the autoplay feature, and it can’t be controlled.
  2. Browsers no longer accepts mixed requests. Please check this link: In case you have a HTTPS website you’ll need to use an HTTPS radio link.


  • For detailed documentation and tutorials, visit our Documentation. You’ll find everything you need to get started using our product.
  • Do you have any questions or need support? Our support team is always happy to help. Get Support
  • To learn more about our amazing Features, visit our website at Radio Player today!


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  • Popup Player
  • Multiple Stations in a Single Player
  • 10+ Player Skins with different layouts and styles
  • Player Embed Code
  • Gutenberg Block + Elementor Widget
  • Compatible with any mp3, aac and any major radio providers


This plugin provides 1 block.

  • Radio Player Live Shoutcast, Icecast and Audio Stream Player for WordPress.


Can I play HTTP stream on my HTTPS website?

Browsers no longer accept mixed requests. That means you can’t play an HTTP stream to an HTTPS website.
But, this plugin uses a proxy system to play most HTTP streams on your HTTPS website.

Can I add and display multiple radio stations in the same player?

Yes, you can add and display multiple radio stations in the same player. While you create a new player, you can add multiple radio stations with Title, Stream URL and Image from the stations tab. They will display as stations playlist in the player.

How Can I display the sticky player?

To display the sticky player, you need to select the Player that you want to display as a sticky player from the Radio Player > Settings > Sticky Player Settings. You can display the sticky player both at the top and bottom of the website. You can also display the sticky player in multiple styles such as Full Width, Mini Full Width, and Floating.

How Can I display the sticky player only on specific pages?

By default, the sticky player will be displayed on all pages. But, You can also show the sticky player only on specific pages by excluding the pages from the Radio Player > Settings > Sticky Player Settings.

How Can I display the Popup Player?

There is a popup icon option for the player. You can show/ hide the player’s popup control, and when users click on it, The player will open within a new popup window.

You can also enable the Always Popup Player settings to play the player always in a popup window.

Can I embed a radio player on another website?

Yes, you can embed a radio player on another website. You can find the embed code on the player listing page. Just click on the Embed button and copy the embed code. Then paste the embed code on any website.


January 13, 2023
Had an issue with my player after an upgrade - turns out nothing was wrong with the player, just an issue my end that Radio Player support help rectify in under an hour of contacting them. That is terrific service - the player looks awesome on my site as well . Thanks to all at Radio Player
January 12, 2023
This is certainly the most feature-rich, yet intuitively simple plugins for radio. Install and config were so simple, and with the multiple options for setting it up, it worked immediately, so I paid for a second licence for a second website.This time, I had issues with streaming http over https, and the technical support was excellent in getting it resolved (the solution was in the first email they sent). A fine example of a how things should be.This is now my go-to radio plugin.
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Contributors & Developers

“Radio Player – Live Shoutcast, Icecast and Any Audio Stream Player for WordPress” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • New: Added current track artist name & artwork image in the player
  • New: Added station play history of the recent played tracks
  • New: Added sticky player display on mobile devices show/hide settings
  • Fix: Fixed Multiple player play at one time issue
  • Fix: Fixed current song title not showing issue


  • New: Added Embed Player option
  • New: Added New Player skins (Skin-3, Skin-10)
  • New: Added multiple sticky player styles (Fullwidth, Mini, and Floating)
  • New: Added sticky player position settings (Top, Bottom, Left, Right)
  • New: Added Box Shadow settings for the player
  • New: Add Custom CSS settings
  • New: Added Always Popup Player settings.
  • Fix: Fixed play statistics not working issue
  • Update: Improved all the player skins
  • Update: Improved overall performance and user experience.
  • Update: Updated the Freeemius SDK to the latest version.
  • Remove: Radio Player Classic Sidebar Widget.
  • Remove: Remove Player primary color settings.


  • Fix: Fixed conflict with WooCommerce plugin.


  • New: Add sticky player page bottom spacing.
  • Fix: Fixed multiple players on the sticky player.
  • Fix: Fixed HTTP stream URL player.
  • Fix: Fixed admin chart widget css style.


  • New: Added player statistics email reporting.
  • New: Added new open popup player skin.
  • Update: Improved player volume slider.
  • Update: Improved the settings page layout and styles.
  • Update: Improved player edit page layout and styles.
  • Update: Improved the statistics page.
  • Update: Improved the getting-started page.
  • Update: Improved responsive design.
  • Fix: Fixed full-width player playlist.


  • New: Added proxy metadata settings to fix the metadata title not showing issue.
  • New: Added mobile media notification.


New: Added gradient picker for the player gradient background color.
Fix: Fixed freemius SDK security vulnerability.


  • New: Add statistics setting to enable/ disable statistics
  • New: Add opened playlist by default setting
  • Remove: Removed autoplay setting
  • Enhancement: Add popup icon support to skin8


  • New: Add play count column to the player list table
  • Fix: Fixed WordPress compatibility check
  • Fix: Fixed current track title display
  • Fix: Fixed HTTP stream player
  • Remove: Removed track artist supports


  • New: Add 2 new player skins
  • New: Add track artist display
  • New: Player background image support
  • Fix: Fixed .m3u8 stream player
  • Fix: Fixed admin dashboard responsive design


  • Fix: Fixed .m3u8 stream player
  • New: Added sticky player display page selection
  • New: Radio player statistics dashboard widget and page


  • New: Add station playlist
  • Fix: Fixed showing current station metadata title
  • Fix: Fixed HTTP stream player


  • New: Added radio player duplicator
  • New: Added multiple radio stations supports for the player
  • New: Added next/ previous buttons on the radio player
  • Fix: Fixed WordPress core screen options and help not working issue
  • Fix: Fixed rado player sync issue


  • New: Added HTTP stream player
  • New: Added settings page
  • New: Added default player volume settings
  • New: Added popup player size settings
  • New: Added real-time player preview while editing
  • New: Added multiple player skins
  • Improvement: Updated the radio player to react js for better user experience
  • Improvement: Improved the whole plugin UI design

1.0.0 (24 June,2021)

  • Initial release