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Uncanny Automator – Automate everything with the #1 automation, integration & webhooks plugin

Uncanny Automator – Automate everything with the #1 automation, integration & webhooks plugin


Uncanny Automator is the easiest and most powerful way to automate your WordPress site with no code. Build automations in minutes that connect your WordPress plugins, sites and apps together using billions of recipe combinations.

Here’s how Uncanny Automator works:

When something happens, Automator can make other things happen.

When a user buys a product, add them to a membership level, enroll them in a course and pass their information to Google Sheets.

It’s that simple! Here’s a video outlining how it all works.

If you’ve used Zapier, setting things up will be intuitive. And if not, that’s okay too!

E-commerce Automation

Improve customer engagement by having your purchases trigger marketing automation campaigns, award store credit, promote 5-star reviews, schedule time-limited bonus offers and offer profile-driven discounts. Or for advanced reporting and customer service, create WooCommerce automations that send purchase details to Google Sheets, Slack and ActiveCampaign with our native integrations. It all happens automatically!

Google Sheets Automation

Build powerful reports and dashboards based on almost any WordPress activity or data with 1-click Google Sheets integration. Track purchases, course completions, blog post updates, forum posts and more. Not only can you create new rows for reports with Uncanny Automator, but you can update existing records, making it perfect for dashboard reporting.

Webhook Automation

Looking for the most powerful and comprehensive webhook support to connect your WordPress site to other apps? Uncanny Automator has support for security headers, any request method and any data format (including nesting support, JSON, XML, arrays and more). Use our 1-click sample generation and debug records to simplify connecting to other sites and systems, and send unlimited outgoing webhooks with the free version.

LearnDash and E-Learning Automation

Personalize student experiences and deliver better learning outcomes with no-code automations. Notify an instructor when users fail a quiz and enroll them in a remedial course–automatically. Add users to groups based on performance to allow easy collaboration. Automate student outreach when users fall behind in their coursework and offer easy learning interventions.

Social Media Automation

Spend less time sharing your posts and announcements on social media with automatic posting. Automatically post anything you want to Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, including with images and links. Sign up for a free account to get 250 credits for social posting; Pro plugin users get unlimited posting.

OpenAI Automation

Connect your new posts and site activity to OpenAI, with full support for ChatGPT and Dall-E models. Use Automator and the OpenAI to generate article summaries, social media posts, SEO descriptions, translations, email campaigns, featured images and more.

Marketing Automation

Integrate your favourite CRM with your WordPress plugins for full marketing automation. Add or remove tags based on course activity, purchases and more, and keep your email lists updated automatically. Or, with Automator Pro and Loops, send emails out in bulk and use Automator as your own CRM.

Free doesn’t mean limited

The free version of Automator is incredibly powerful and comes with built-in automation and integration support for all of these popular apps and WordPress plugins:

Supported apps

WordPress Plugins Integrations

Over 350 automation triggers and actions are available for the plugins and apps listed above in the free version. There’s straightforward documentation in our Knowledge Base, including some quick and straightforward instructional videos. Developers, there’s robust documentation and code samples for you too!

Beyond the plugin and app integrations, this free version of Uncanny Automator also supports common WP triggers and actions in automations:

  • A user views a page
  • A user submits a comment
  • A user logs in
  • A user publishes a post
  • Send an email
  • Create a post
  • Add a WP role

All WP plugin triggers and actions included in Uncanny Automator come with a forever free license, which allows unlimited usage on your WordPress site. By creating a free, optional Automator account, you can unlock 250 credits to try out app integrations. You can use credits on your site to:

  • Post new content to Facebook Groups, Facebook Pages, Twitter and Instagram
  • Pass records to Google Sheets (to generate charts or reports or manipulate data outside of WordPress)
  • Notify staff of key events in Slack
  • Register customers in Zoom events on product purchase
  • Send Mailchimp campaigns when new blog posts are published
  • Generate, proofread or translate text with OpenAI and GPT
  • and more

Take automation to the next level

Uncanny Automator Pro, our premium plugin, adds even more features and integrations, including the ability to create users and posts, delay and schedule actions, connect multiple sites together, add conditions to actions, and unlock unlimited use of app integrations like Google Sheets and Twitter. It also triples the number of available triggers and actions.

Pro also adds features like Run Now and Loops, which allow you to do things like send emails to all users matching certain criteria, tagging users based on site activity, or even generating instant reports in Google Sheets of all users that completed a specific course, purchased a certain product, or anything else you can imagine.

Here are some of the other really cool automations you can create with Automator Pro:

  • When a user makes a purchase using WooCommerce on one site, create a user on another WP site, send the user a link to set a new password, enroll the user in a course and add a membership level.
  • When a user submits a form, add the user to a mailing list if their email address matches a certain domain, add them to a social group and schedule their trial access to expire in 7 days if they don’t make a purchase.
  • When a new course is published, send an email campaign, post to X/Twitter and Facebook with GPT-generated content, post to the BuddyBoss sitewide activity stream and notify instructors in a Slack channel.
  • Whenever you want, generate a list of all users in a group that haven’t yet completed a course.

And here are some of the key features in the Pro version that allow incredibly flexible and powerful automations for WP:

Plus licenses and higher get access to our Custom User Fields, Restrict Content, and User Lists addons which makes it really easy to create and manage user profile fields in WordPress. Automatically add new fields to user edit pages and connect fields to your recipes and plugins like Advanced Custom Fields.

An Automator Pro license also includes access to our world-class premium support.

For the full list of triggers and actions, make sure to check out this list.

Here’s what other people are saying about Uncanny Automator:


  • Set up your first recipe in 5 minutes
  • Add one or more triggers from dozens of plugins and thousands of apps
  • Identify what starts the recipe, like a purchase or form submission
  • Set conditions and options for the trigger(s)
  • Add one or more actions from any of the available integrations
  • When the triggers are completed, actions run automatically
  • Customize your actions to do exactly what you need
  • Create powerful recipes that just work, all with one plugin


Where can I find Automator documentation and more info?

You can learn more about Uncanny Automator on our website at https://automatorplugin.com/ and our Knowledge Base is here: https://automatorplugin.com/knowledge-base/

How do I get started with my first automation?

Have a look at https://automatorplugin.com/knowledge-base/creating-a-recipe/. There’s also an onboarding wizard inside the plugin to help you build your first recipe. Hopefully it will be the first of many!

Will Uncanny Automator slow down my website?

Uncanny Automator is built from the ground up for efficiency and performance. Automator adds negligible overhead to WordPress sites and has been rigorously tested across dozens of hosting environments.

What are the limits of your free version?

All integrations, triggers, actions and tokens listed here that don’t have a “Pro” label are available in our free version. For the WordPress plugins listed, we include a forever-free license that allows you to run recipes with these triggers and actions an unlimited number of times. There are also no limits on the number of recipes you can set up or what you can include in each. For recipes that include apps, like Twitter and Facebook, you can create a free account to unlock 250 credits to try out these integrations.

Is Automator translation friendly?

Absolutely! The plugin was created with translation in mind and tested with a variety of translation plugins. We will support any translation issues you run into.

How can I request an integration for a plugin?

The best thing you can do is reach out to the creator of the plugin that you want an integration for. Let them know you’re using Uncanny Automator and that they could greatly extend the capabilities of their plugin by helping us develop an integration for it. As more plugin authors become aware of Uncanny Automator and realize its potential for their users, we’ll be able to continue to invest in expanding Uncanny Automator’s capabilities! Also, fill out this form on our site to let us know what you’re looking for.

How can I add an integration for my plugin?

Check out our developer documentation over at https://developer.automatorplugin.com/. Also consider reaching out to our team, maybe we can help or even turn it into an official integration!

Can I automatically share posts & updates on social media?

Yes. It is easy to set up automation and share content on Social Media platforms. Set up integrations with Instagram, Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, LinkedIn Pages and Twitter by creating a free account to unlock 250 free credits.

Do I need coding skills or help from a developer?

No coding skills are required. Uncanny Automator is built for non-developers to build automations using our intuitive recipe builder.

Does Automator work with LearnDash?

Absolutely! LearnDash is our most popular integration. Automator provides an easy way to build powerful LearnDash activity reports, personalize learning paths, connect LearnDash to live events and more.

How does Automator use OpenAI?

By connecting your recipes to an OpenAI API account, you can send prompts to OpenAI and use the responses in other actions. Generate titles and descriptions, excerpts for social media, translations, new blog posts and more; you can even perform sentiment analysis on submitted text. Automator supports GPT-3.5, GPT-4 and other OpenAI models.

Does Uncanny Automator allow me to customize the look and design of the emails it sends?

Yes, with WordPress’s “Send Email” action, send rich text, plain text and raw HTML emails. Create follow-up emails with your own custom HTML templates.

Why should I consider upgrading to Uncanny Automator Pro?

You can use the free version forever without purchasing the Uncanny Automator Pro version. However, with Uncanny Automator Pro, you’ll get access to more automation triggers and actions, additional features, and unlimited credits for app integrations. Visit our plans page to learn more.

Who is Uncanny Owl?

We’re a Toronto-based WordPress company specializing in elearning and automation solutions for WordPress. We’re behind the popular Uncanny LearnDash Toolkit plugin and we also have a suite of highly-acclaimed commercial LearnDash add-ons.


July 11, 2024 1 reply
It’s hard to find words to describe the power and quality of Uncanny Automator. A truly outstanding piece of work, that adds huge value to our site. And the customer support is without parallel. These guys set the standard in every aspect of their work. Great stuff.
June 9, 2024 1 reply
I have been so impressed with this plugin it has made things so easy to integrate, once you have it you will find many more ways of increasing your productivity you hadn’t even thought of, I wouldn’t want to be without it, the documentation and support is great as well, I couldn’t recommend it high enough.It is even better than Zapier and you get unlimited ‘Zaps’ for just the one fee.
June 7, 2024 1 reply
I’m using the pro version of the plugin because I needed extra functionality. So far I have been blown away by the breadth of the capability of this product, the way it has been designed to work flexibly in many circumstances and how you can do some really quite complex things with it, including looping through posts and users. It compares very favourably with Zapier, but is way, way more capable within WordPress than Zapier ever could be. Don’t think that this is simple; sure you can do simple stuff with it and the learning curve is really not steep, as the UI is mostly very nicely conceived and executed, but you can get into some pretty complex stuff that would otherwise require a lot of PHP skill and WordPress knowledge. However if you think the product is good, just wait until you experience their amazing support experience! I have raised quite a few support tickets, a few asking about stuff which goes beyond the otherwise good documentation, one asking if something fairly complex were possible and once when I ran into a bug. On all occasions they came back to me within 24 hours or less with answers, new functionality and a patch, respectively. I mean, when you ask a big software company about a bug or feature request they may come back to you in 3-6 months; these guys are providing solutions in days. Highly recommended.
May 1, 2024 1 reply
I have been using the free and pro versions of Uncanny Automator as a key part of my technology stack for a few years now, in both single and multisite configs and it has been great. Very robust, reliable and what really sets it apart from other products in this category is the support which is excellent. Ryan and the team have been developing automated Wordpress solutions for a long time now and the experience really shines through. They listen to their customers and evolve the product to meet customer needs. Highly recommended for anyone who needs advanced automation and also considers the quality of their plugin stack as a priority. This is the number 1 product in this category.
March 19, 2024 1 reply
Uncanny it is! Works very well. I’m using it on client pages to cross post to social media accounts. Money well spent.
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5.9.1 [2024-07-11]

New Token:

  • SureCart – Billing first name and Billing last name #4868


  • Fluent Support – A user receives a reply from an agent – Typo in return statement #4866
  • Forminator – Date field tokens not rendering consistently depending on field settings #4831
  • Google Sheets – Settings page – Undefined $nonce variable issue #4864
  • MailChimp – Add a contact to an audience – Leaving fields blank removes the existing value #4845
  • MailChimp – Add the user to an audience – Leaving fields blank removes the existing value #4859
  • MemberPress – A user purchases a recurring subscription product – The ‘Any’ option is not showing correctly in dropdown #4842
  • Recipe Logs – Sending fetch requests in a loop when viewing a deleted trigger #4815

5.9 [2024-07-02]

New Features:

  • Data management – wp automator prune --help WP-CLI command to prune data #4765
  • Import/Export Recipes – Bulk Export/Import #4735
  • Recipe UI – Recipe notes metabox #4768
  • Walkthrough – Create a recipe #4302

New App Integrations:

New Plugin Integration:

New Triggers:

  • Kadence – A form is submitted #4447
  • Kadence – A user submits a form #4446

New Actions:

  • Campaign Monitor – Add/Update a subscriber to a list #4578
  • Campaign Monitor – Remove a subscriber from a list #4580
  • Notion – Create a database item #3886
  • Notion – Create a page #3885
  • Notion – Update a database item #3887

New Tokens:

  • Presto Player – A user completes a video – Video title, Media hub title #4786
  • WP Job Manager – A user submits a resume – Resume Post URL, Resume ID #4799
  • WPForms – Price field – Quantity token #4754
  • WordPress – Post slug to several WP triggers #4800


  • Automator Core – AUTOMATOR_DATABASE_VIEWS_ENABLED to disable Database Views #4723


  • Google Sheets – File Picker now allows selecting additional files without overwriting current files #4788
  • LearnDash – A user achieves a percentage greater than, less than or equal to a value on a quiz – Default value of Percentage field removed #4716
  • MemberPress – A user purchases a recurring subscription product – ‘Any’ option added #4804
  • Modern Events Calendar – Event’s field label #4541
  • OpenAI – Model “gpt-3.5-turbo-0301” deprecated #4784
  • WordPress – Create a post – Show WP error messages in recipe log #4775
  • WordPress – Update the excerpt of a post #4696
  • Zoho Campaigns – Support for non-US zone accounts #4810


  • Forminator – Formatted token values showing both raw and formatted values #4725
  • Post Loops – Action tokens and Webhooks – Action tokens do not parse when used in Webhooks and App Integrations #4691
  • Recipe Logs – A recipe with delay and user selection erroneously showing ‘In progress with error’ #4729
  • Slack – Send a message to a channel – PHP Notices when Bot name and Icon are not set #4814
  • Tin Canny Reporting – A Tin Can verb is recorded from a Tin Can module – Possible cache issues and variable checking #4766
  • WPForms – Radio field tokens not parsing under a specific condition #4770
  • WPForms – Validate trigger token data before parsing #4713
  • WordPress – Change the post type of a post to a post type – Not handling “All post” selection properly #4798

Under the hood:

  • Automator Dashboard refresh #4345
  • Core – Action arg $parsed does not work as expected when the repeater field data is sent #4678
  • Core – Actionify Triggers enhancement #4706
  • Core – Additional third-party support to properly purge cache #4822
  • Core – Elite status #4824
  • Core – Removed invalid characters in some sentences #4807
  • Import recipe – Imported recipes with Loops fails to recognize loop as live #4764
  • Popup Maker Integration icon #4748
  • Recipe UI – CSS margin issue when ACF is active #4699
  • Recipe UI – load_options calling call_user_func twice #4732
  • Recipe fields – Dynamic fields to support Notion #4602
  • Setup Wizard – Setup flow modifications when Automator Pro is active #3600
  • User Loop and Token Parser – Usermeta token not parsing in Scheduled recipe #4762
  • Zoom – JWT dependancy removed #4677
  • Rearrange file_exist check. #4779

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