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AnimateGL is the most advanced animation plugin for WordPress, powered by WebGL.

Add CSS and WebGL animations in Elementor, Block editor or any other builder. Customize direction, duration, delay and easing for each animation. Choose simple CSS fade in animation or more creative WebGL animations like bend, flip, stretch or directional fade. Create custom entrance animation with visual editor. AnimateGL is lightweight, fast, and easy to use, making it the perfect choice for web designers looking to enhance their website’s visual appeal.


  • CSS Entrance animations Fade, Zoom In, Zoom out, Wipe, Slide Reveal
  • Creative WebGL Entrance animations Bend, Flip, Peel, Wipe, Directional Fade
  • Custom direction, duration, delay, easing for animations
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Great performance
  • Gutenberg Blocks animations
  • Elementor animations
  • CSS class animations
  • Animate any element or block
  • Nested animations
  • Live editor for creating custom animations
  • Entrance animation presets
  • Scroll triggered Entrance animations
  • Mouse move animatinos
  • And much more, with new features coming soon, including scroll animations

CSS animations

CSS entrance animations are GPU accelerated and animate CSS properties opacity, transform and clip path in different combinations. CSS animations can be added to any element or block. Available CSS animations are Fade In, Zoom In, Zoom Out, Wipe and Slide are elegant animations with settings for direction, duration, delay and easing. With combination of fade, zoom, direction, easing, delay you can create unlimited number of creative elegant animations. More CSS animations coming soon.

WebGL animations

WebGL animations convert any element to image with html2canvas.js, then apply effects to image with custom GLSL shaders. Best use is for simple elements like heading, button or image. With WebGL we can add effects to any element, that are not possible with CSS, like 3D distortions or gradient fade.


Only 35kb for CSS animations, additional 45kb if WebGL animations are used.

Elementor animations

Add Entrance animation to any element in Elementor. Select animation type, direction, delay and duration in the Element Advanced tab.

Gutenberg Blocks animations

Add Entrance animation to any Gutenberg block. Select animation type, direction, delay and duration in the block inspector controls.

Entrance Animation

Add one of preset entrance animations or create your custom entrance animation. Animatinos are added to images by adding a CSS class.

Entrance animations:

  • Fade (CSS)
  • Zoom In (CSS)
  • Zoom Out (CSS)
  • Wipe (CSS)
  • Slide (CSS)
  • Fade (WebGL)
  • Slide (WebGL)
  • Stretch (WebGL)
  • Bend (WebGL)
  • Wipe (WebGL)
  • Flip (WebGL)
  • Zoom (WebGL)
  • Peel (WebGL)

More animations available with Entrance pack:

  • Circle (CSS)
  • Square (CSS)
  • Line (CSS)

Customize direction, duration, easing and delay for each animations

Customize animation properties via CSS class:

  • Fade – with options for directional fade and threshold
  • Translate – with options for x, y, and z direction
  • Rotation – with options for x, y, and z axis
  • Corners Distortion – for added animation variety
  • Duration – customize the length of the animation
  • Delay – customize the start time of the animation
  • Easing – customize the speed and flow of the animation

Mouse Effects

AnimateGL also offers mouse-driven distortion effects, including:

  • Pull – with options for strength, size, RGB shift, and ease

Scroll triggered animations

Element is animated when it becomes visible on the screen, the center of the element enters the viewport

Live Editor

Use live editor to create your custom entrance animation and to modify the mouse pull effect.

Enhance the visual appeal of your website with AnimateGL, the most powerful and advanced WebGL animation plugin for WordPress. With its lightweight 33kb gzipped size and no dependencies, AnimateGL is fast, easy to use, and the perfect choice for web designers looking to add unique animations to their website.

Use with any page builder

AnimateGL can be used with any page buidler: Elementor, Gutenberg blocks editor, Visual composer and others, because animations are added simply by adding a CSS class. Add unique animations in Elementor, Visual Composer or Guteberg blocks editor with AnimateGL.

Help us improve

If you have any problem or feature request for this plugin, please feel free to open a ticket!



How to add AnimateGL animations to any block in Gutenberg?

Open Image block options > Advanced > AnimateGL, and select animation. Alternatively you can add animations via CSS class with Advanced > Additional CSS class, add the CSS class of the AnimateGL animation.

Where is the list of CSS classes for Entrance animations?

Available Entrance animations are listed on the plugin admin page.

How to add AnimateGL animations to any element in Elementor?

Open Image settings > Advanced > Layout > CSS Classes, add the CSS class of the AnimateGL animation.

What are the limitations of WebGL animations?

WebGL animatinos are best to use for simple elements like headings, buttons or images. For more complex elements like sections it is better to use CSS animatinos.


April 11, 2023
A very excellent plugin for adding more advanced animations that cannot be done with CSS. The plugin is very easy to use because it supports Gutenberg and Elementor, currently the two largest WordPress page editors. The animations in the plugin are very elegant and pleasant to see on web pages.
April 10, 2023
I use this plugin with 3 themes, No Confliction, lightweight and performance is the best. I am surly going to use it in my future projects.
April 6, 2023
AnimateGL is one of the best Animation Plugins available in WordPress Repository. I have tested and went through many plugins and AnimateGL is the one that Tops the list. Thank you for such a Plugin that Works Smoothly with Elementor, Gutenberg and also on any element you want.
April 6, 2023
Easy to use and implement, especially for complex animations which are not included with builders. Really impressed
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Contributors & Developers

“AnimateGL Animations for WordPress – Elementor & Gutenberg Blocks Animations” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Fix: Wipe animation.
  • New: Getting Started admin page.
  • New: Add-ons admin page.


  • New: Added support for more entrance animations via addons.


  • Improvement: Added more easing options for animations.
  • Fix: Image flashing at the end of WebGL animation.


  • Fix: Image scaling inside WebGL animated element.


  • Fix: Animating parent and child elements at the same time.


  • Improvement: Faster loading, better animation performance.
  • Improvement: Faster admin page with animation preview.


  • New: Wipe CSS animation.
  • New: Slide CSS animation.


  • Fix: Entrance animation now starts when element enters the viewport, insterad of waiting for center of the element to enter the viewport.
  • Fix: Hardware accelerated CSS animations.
  • New: Default (center) direction for animations.


  • New: Zoom In and Zoom Out CSS animations.


  • New: Fade In CSS animation.


  • Initial release of the plugin.