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Superb Addons – Blocks, Patterns and Elementor Sections & Elements

Superb Addons – Blocks, Patterns and Elementor Sections & Elements


Supercharge your website and unlock new WordPress editor features, advanced custom CSS, patterns, blocks, themes and Elementor sections. No design or coding skills needed.

Features Overview

  • Editor Enhancements: Enhanced editor experience, grid systems, improved block control and much more.
  • Full page designs: Easily insert 50+ unique pages, designed for any purpose, from blogs to landing pages.
  • WordPress themes: Gain access to our library of 50+ WordPress themes and 150+ child themes.
  • WordPress blocks: Use our many custom WordPress Gutenberg blocks for every purpose.
  • WordPress patterns: Superb Addons comes with 100+ beautiful patterns for every type of website.
  • Elementor sections: Access 300+ pre-built elementor sections and build beautiful sites, fast.
  • Elementor elements: Unlock our many Elementor widgets to supercharge Elementor functionality.
  • Advanced Custom CSS: Add custom CSS with syntax highlight, custom display settings, and minified output.

Gutenberg / WordPress Editor Blocks

  • Rating Block
  • About The Author Block
  • Table Of Contents Block
  • Recent Posts With Images Block
  • Cover Image Block
  • Google Maps Block
  • Animated Heading Block

Gutenberg / WordPress Editor Section Categories

  • Header Patterns
  • Call To Action Patterns
  • Content Patterns
  • Contact Patterns
  • Feature Patterns
  • Navigation Patterns
  • Testimonial Patterns
  • Stats Patterns
  • Social Patterns
  • Four-o-Four Patterns
  • Footer Patterns

Elementor Sections, Blocks & Widgets

  • Hero Sections in following styles: Black, Dark, White, Light, Image and colored.
  • Header Sections in following styles: Black, Dark, White, Light, Image and colored.
  • Testimonial Design in following styles: Black, Dark, White, Light, Image and colored.
  • Post And Page Content Sections in following styles: Black, Dark, White, Light, Image and colored.
  • Team Sections in following styles: Black, Dark, White, Light, Image and colored.
  • Contact Sections in following styles: Black, Dark, White, Light, Image and colored where some include Google Maps.
  • Feature List Sections in following styles: Black, Dark, White, Light, Image and colored.
  • Footer in following styles: Black, Dark, White, Light, Image and colored.
  • Navigation in following styles: Black, Dark, White, Light, Image and colored.

Powering up Elementor And The WordPress Editor

Superb Addons takes the WordPress editor to the next level. With ready-to-use WordPress sections that you can insert with a single click, your website customization becomes a breeze. Navigate through a rich variety of WordPress blocks and patterns to add diversity and visual appeal to your pages.

If you’re an Elementor user, Superb Addons is the companion you’ve been waiting for. It supercharges your Elementor functionality, providing access to numerous Elementor Elements and pre-built sections. This not only enhances your designing process but also enables you to build pixel-perfect, high-converting websites effortlessly.

Unlocking Gutenberg’s Potential

Superb Addons seamlessly integrates with the Gutenberg editor, adding various block controls and other enhancements, making it easier for you to leverage its power. With a plethora of customizable Gutenberg blocks and patterns, you can create unique, visually striking layouts that captivate your audience’s attention.

Big selection of WordPress blocks and elements

Superb Addons features an impressive lineup of fresh WordPress blocks that cater to various functionalities. Effortlessly embed Google Maps for an interactive touch, showcase recent posts with eye-catching thumbnails, introduce yourself through the “About the Author” block, make a lasting impression with the “Cover Image” block, ensure easy navigation with the “Table of Contents” block or exhibit your personal reviews with visual bars and/or stars with the “Rating” block, offering an elegant and informative display of your opinions.

About The Author Block

Use this block to easily add a section in the end of your articles where you showcase the article author, link to his/hers social media. You can either get the info from their WordPress user profile or write a fresh one.

  • Import author data from current Users or write new custom author information
  • Translatable & Customizable
  • Add an author bio
  • Add Author Instagram link
  • Add author Facebook link
  • Add author twitter link

Table Of Contents Block

Improve your search engine optimization (SEO) and make your articles more userfriendly by using our table of contents block. It’ll list all article headings with hotlinks so your users an easily skip to a certain part of an article.

  • List all headlines
  • List headlines in hierarchy
  • Automatically link to headline anchors
  • Minimal & easy readable design
  • Re-check all headings easily
  • Translatable & Customizable

Coupon Reveal Buttons

Quickly and effortlessly create reveal buttons, whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out. Simply enter your button text, reveal text, and link. Users can then click the button to reveal the hidden text.

  • Click on the button to reveal the text behind it.
  • Copy on click.

Rating Block

If you own an affiliate website, review products or have your own products then our rating block will help you easily display your ratings in an elegant way. Using a block to display ratings is the fastest way to easily display your product ratings.

  • Add ratings quick & easy to products, pages & posts
  • Translatable & Customizable
  • Add unlimited rating bars
  • Add headlines to each rating bar
  • Use rating bar average as overall rating
  • Choose your own rating scale, ie. 1-5 or 1-100

Google Maps Block

Upgrade your website’s interactivity with the Google Maps block. Easily embed interactive maps to guide your visitors to your business, events, or notable locations. Whether you’re highlighting a physical address or offering geographical context, this block provides an intuitive method to seamlessly integrate dynamic maps into your content.

  • Add interactive maps
  • Showcase your business location
  • Use streetmap or satelitte map view
  • Select zoom, language and more

Cover Image Block

Capture attention right from the start with the Cover Image block. Easily display striking visual content that sets the tone for your website’s pages or posts. Whether it’s a captivating header, or a background that creates a lasting impression, this block empowers you to make a bold statement with your content.

  • Add impactful cover images effortlessly
  • Customize size, position and image-repeating
  • Set border to square, round or inbetween
  • Option to use direct image link

Recent Posts Block

Keep your audience engaged with the Recent Posts block. Display your latest content prominently, making it easy for visitors to discover your most recent updates. Whether you’re sharing news, articles, or updates, this block ensures that your freshest content takes center stage, enhancing user engagement and encouraging exploration.

  • Encourage user engagement and exploration
  • Customize number of posts shown
  • Select specific categories & tags
  • Include or exclude excerpts and comment counts
  • Multiple design options such as hide post date, hide author, hide thumbnail etc.

Animated Heading Block

Unlock a world of creativity with over 10 mesmerizing animation options that bring your headlines and text to life. Captivate your audience from the moment they land on your page, making your content not just informative, but visually stunning.

  • Easily create animated headings and headlines
  • 10+ Dynamic animations
  • Animation starts when user scrolls to element
  • Customize animation speed
  • Play once or loop animation
  • Honors reduced motion settings for a user-friendly experience

Advanced Custom CSS

Add new CSS like a Pro. Dive into the depths of customization with the Advanced Custom CSS feature. This tool allows you to add custom CSS into your WordPress site, targeting specific pages or posts for a truly tailored look.

  • Choose exactly where your CSS appears.
  • Works with all popular page speed plugins.
  • Name, deactivate, or delete CSS blocks easily.
  • CSS is not inline, but compiled into files for better performance.

Editor Highlight

Simplify your editing experience. The Editor Highlight feature brings clarity to your editing process. Hover over any block to see it and its related blocks outlined, making it easy to identify and modify elements of your page.

  • Blocks and related blocks are outlined upon hover.
  • Optionally add a Quick-Access Toolbar which allows you to move or delete sections with ease.

Hide/Show Blocks on Selected Devices

Optimize for your layout for every screen size. With the Hide/Show Blocks feature, you can control the visibility of blocks based on device type. Ensure your site looks great and functions well, whether viewed on mobile, tablet, or desktop.

  • Hide/show a block on mobile/small screens.
  • Hide/show a block on tablet/medium sized screens.
  • Hide/show a block on desktop/large screens.


  • Gutenberg Patterns
  • Gutenberg Blocks
  • Elementor Sections
  • Editor Highlight


This plugin provides 9 blocks.

  • Superb Recent Posts Superbly designed recent posts block for your WordPress site.
  • Superb Animated Heading Superbly designed animated heading block for your WordPress site. Easily choose between multiple animations.
  • Superb Google Maps Easily embed Google Maps on your website.
  • Superb About the Author Superbly designed about the author block for your WordPress site.
  • Superb Ratings Superbly designed ratings block for your WordPress site.
  • Superb Table of Contents Superbly designed table of contents block for your WordPress site.
  • Superb Reveal Buttons Superbly designed reveal buttons for coupons and more.
  • Superb Cover Image A simple cover image with additional properties and no text.
  • Superb Reveal Button Superbly designed reveal button for coupons and more.


What is Superb Addons, and is it free?

Superb Addons is a comprehensive WordPress plugin that provides sections, themes, and blocks to help you design professional and beautiful websites. It requires no design skills and works perfectly with both the WordPress editor and Elementor. Yes, Superb Addons is free to use. It provides access to a wide array of features and tools at no cost to you. Superb Addons does not require any design skills. Its user-friendly interface and the abundance of ready-to-use designs make it easy for anyone to create stunning websites.

Can I contribute?

Yes! You don’t need no coding or programming skills to help. We need help with translation for following languages: Russian, Persian, Chinese, French, Arabic, Bengali, Portugese, Urdu, Danish, Norwegian, Hindi, Spanish, German, Vietnamese, Swedish is what we need the most. Having a translatable dashboard will make the plugin easier to use for a lot of people. Leaving feedback is valuable help as well, but we’d love if you help translate the plugin!

Does Superb Addon work with all WordPress plugins and themes?

Yes, the plugin works with BuddyPress, Easy Digital Downloads, Pop ups, Twitter Card Meta for WordPress, WordPress Exit Intent Popup, Email Pop Up, Inline Contact Form Builder – Poptin, Ads Manager, Ali Dropship, Marketpress, MemberPress, Membership 2 Pro, WishList Member, WooCommerce Autoship, WP EasyCart, WPPayForms, WP Simple Pay Pro, S2Member, bbPress, WooCommerce eCommerce, Elementor, Beaver Builder, Divi, AFC, Multisite, Themify Builder, Brizy, Visual Page Builder, Live Composer, Oxygen, Visual Composer, Page Builder by SiteOrigin, WP Page Builder, Gutenberg (The WordPress 5.0 page editor) and GeneratePress. We try to update the plugin so it works with all drag and drop page builder plugins. The plugin works with all WordPress themes with page builders integrated too. The plugin works with all of our themes such as MinimalistBlogger, Responsive Blogily, Business Chat, Superb ECommerce, Draftly, Minimalistique, Superb Pixels, Blogrid, Marketingly, EcoCoded, Creativeily, Bloggist, Petite Stories, Writers Blogily, Gutenshop, Blog Feedly, Customizable Blogily, Minimalist Blogger X, Membershiply, Feather Magazine, Image Gridly, Personal Blogily and popular themes by other developers such as Twenty Twenty-Three, Hello Elementor, Astra, OceanWP, Kadence, GeneratePress, Blocksy, Inspiro, Royal Elementor Kit, YITH Wonder, Hestia, Neve FSE, Sydney, Raft, Zakra. Superb Addons works with most themes and plugins, but we have tested it with all of the themes and plugins listed here. Feel free to contact us if you want us to test Superb Addons with another theme or plugin.

Does this plugin work on all browsers and devices, and is it responsive?

Yes, we have tested this plugin on following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer 11+, Opera and Safari. The plugin is responsive, it works on every tablet, mobile phone and desktop computer such as iPhone and Android. All elements, themes, and templates in Superb Addons are fully responsive, ensuring your website looks perfect on all devices, including smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers.

Will this plugin increase my website traffic?

No, the code is W3C valid and search engine optimized. It won’t harm your SEO, but it adding this plugin is not equal to doing SEO optimization on your website, for that we recommend plugins such as Yoast, W3 Cache and WP Rocket. This plugin won’t get you in trouble with Google, it’s not a Blackhat SEO to use hidden text, we are doing with Javascript so it’s not with display none, that ensures that Google see that you are not trying to do keyword stuffing. This plugin is whitehat and will not affect your search engine optimization (SEO) in any way.

What features will be released in the future?

We cannot promise exactly what features that will be released this year, but we have following on our to-do list: Text Reveal Widget, Gutenberg Blocks, Hide / Show buttons for different users depending on what device they’re using. Redirect management for dofollow and no follow 301, 302, 307 links, drag and drop features, add buttons on top of video and image from the media library (png, jpeg, jpg, svg, gif), link concealing.

Can I use Superb Addons with the WordPress editor Gutenberg and Elementor?

Yes, Superb Addons works excellently with the WordPress Editor Gutenberg and Elementor, providing a variety of customizable blocks, sections and patterns for your use. Superb Addons seamlessly integrates with Elementor. It provides additional Elementor elements and pre-built sections to enhance your design process with Elementor.

Is it Responsive, Lightweight and SEO Optimized?

One of Superb Addons’ core strengths lies in its lightweight and SEO-optimized structure. The search engine optimized lightning-fast templates ensure your website not only loads quickly but also ranks high on search engine results. By combining stunning designs with optimized performance, Superb Addons brings you the best of both worlds. Every element in Superb Addons is designed to be fully responsive, ensuring your website looks perfect on all devices. From smartphones to tablets and desktop computers, your site will maintain its stunning visuals, offering an exceptional user experience for all your visitors. Superb Addons is not only free but also widely recommended by market leaders in the web design industry. With its diverse feature set and user-friendly interface, it’s no surprise that Superb Addons has earned its reputation as a trusted tool for WordPress design.

Does the patterns and sections work for Elementor?

With this powerful tool at your fingertips, you’ll enjoy access to a vast collection of meticulously crafted WordPress and Elementor patterns and sections. Whether you’re looking to infuse your website with captivating designs or streamline its viewing-experience, our diverse range of patterns and sections caters to every need. Elevate your web presence with these ready-to-use building blocks, empowering you to easily create dynamic and visually stunning content, all while saving you valuable time and effort.


June 29, 2024
I like the fact that it is easy to find an option that fits with what we are trying to do with our look and layout. The pages option is quick to setup and update. There are plenty of options to pick from and the layouts are modern. The blocks provide multiple options for different sections and deliver a crisp look. It is sometimes difficult to modify something, it may not be intuitive or you have to get that pointer in just the right spot to move forward. Once you have it down, it is easy to repeat what you are trying to do. When we go to rebuild our site in the near future, I can see using this as the primary solution for multiple sections of our site.
May 25, 2024
I am so pleased with my upgrade to premium. I am not a website designer or overly tech savvy, but this has made designing a visually appealing website possible. The themes provide many possibilities to make my site unique for my purposes. When I have contacted them, they have responded quickly. Very pleased with this product!
April 28, 2024
I appreciate the design and variety of Superb’s themes and plugins. I love the inclusion of useful blocks and the depth of design control in their themes. But I’ve been frustrated by poor functionality at times, e.g. I found a great review bar plugin, with a weird and annoying flaw of rounding up decimal entries of ratings to whole numbers but then showing them with a n.0, changing to a 100 scale to get a 2 digit rating, it still displays n.0. Oh well nobody’s purfect.
April 19, 2024
Maybe it is my advancing age, but I am loosing all kinds of HTML and CSS coding habits without missing out on the results i aim for. I like the ease of work. Even unforeseen options and possibilities as to look and feel are offered while creating. And, I do not hire specialist anymore. This must be great for beginners too. Bravo
April 15, 2024
If tech overwhelms you then this is a pretty solid option for you as it’s kinda like drop and play – you add it and then customize it.
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Contributors & Developers

“Superb Addons – Blocks, Patterns and Elementor Sections & Elements” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Decimals are now allowed in individual rating bars in the Rating block.
  • WP 6.6 compatibility.


  • Added “Round Overall Rating” option to the Rating block.
  • Fixed issue where the overall rating in the Rating Block could reset to 0 when editing.


  • Moved default Superb Addons CSS variables to a separate file.


  • Added Reveal Buttons block.
  • Added “edit front page” link to the dashboard when using a block theme which includes a front page template.
  • Resolved some deprecations related to WP 6.5 while maintaining compatibility with older versions.


  • Fixed issue that could occur when using some versions of PHP.


  • Added Custom CSS features. Head to Superb Addons -> Custom CSS from your dashboard to get started.
  • Added new patterns.
  • Added new pages.


  • Fixed issue that could sometimes occur when opening the post editor options.


  • Minor bugfix for editor issue that could occur on some installations.


  • Bugfixes.
  • Added hide block settings.
  • Added block editor highlights.


  • Minor bugfix.


  • Compatibility updates.
  • Fixed recent posts block not loading all categories correctly.


  • Added a new Animated Heading block with 10+ animations.
  • Added new patterns.
  • Added full page content patterns.


  • Fixed an issue occuring when using PHP 8.0.8 or above.


  • Fixed an issue when trying to insert a pattern while using plain permalinks.


  • Significantly reduced plugin file size.
  • Now automatically fixes loading issues during load without the need for the troubleshooter.


  • Fixed an issue where sometimes elements could not be loaded correctly.


  • Added guided tutorials for new users
  • Added compatibility features
  • Minor bugfixes


  • Updated About the Author block to use the new Twitter name and logo – X.
  • Fixed pressing escape key to close the library modal in the dashboard.
  • Fixed the addons button not always correctly appearing in the site editor.
  • Minor bugfixes


Major plugin update with tons of new exciting features, patterns, sections and blocks.