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PostX is the best news, magazine, and WordPress blog plugin that comes with blog designer packs, post grid blocks, post list blocks, post slider blocks, and numerous Gutenberg blocks.

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Recently Added Features

βœ… Front End Post Submission

Let your freelance and guest writers have access to submit posts from the front end. Moreover, registered writers will get individual dashboards and SEO support. And, you can improve the submitted content by adding comments and suggesting changes.

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βœ… ChatGPT Integration

PostX is now integrated with ChatGPT. So you can generate short and long-form content without leaving the WordPress dashboard. Not only that but you can also change your writing tone, translate to different languages, improve written content, and more.

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πŸ‘‰ Explore PostX Pro: All Features of PostX
πŸ‘‰ Explore PostX Pro: All Features of PostX
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Check out the reviews and feedback of PostX users:

πŸ‘ β€œWorks as designed! Also with Video-Hero implementation on your website. It’s attractive!

Thanks, keep up the good work. (I worked with Elementor pro and Brizy pro. PostX is so far the best!)”

πŸ‘ β€œWhen creating a magazine style website I needed a reliable plugin I could customise to show off the articles for the different sections. PostX Pro proved its worth in terms of customisation and ease of use. When getting stuck at one point, the support team were very responsive and helpful. Thank you for creating a great plugin.”

πŸ‘ β€œI use this plugin since over two years and it is just a great enhancement to official WordPress themes. Also the support here in the forum is awesome! I can just say: keep up the great work!”

πŸ‘ β€œThis plugin has become essential to me so it’s really awesome to know that the team behind it is dedicated and accessible . Bravo . Upgrading to the pro version was a no-brainer.”

πŸ‘ β€œIf you need to show your blog post as beautiful blocks on any page or slider then this plugin will be the best suited for you. It offers some awesome elegant looking blocks more than any premium newspaper theme. I highly appreciate their great support.”

The Ultimate News, Magazine, and WordPress Blog Plugin

Do you want to know what makes PostX the #1 News, Magazine, and WordPress Blog Plugin?

The blog designer packs of PostX are the main reasons behind its popularity. You would be amazed to know that PostX has finely crafted prepaid templates for all types of blogging niches, including

  • News
  • Magazine
  • Blog
  • Fashion
  • News
  • Tech
  • Travel
  • Gaming
  • Health
  • Food
  • Movie
  • NFT
  • And More

Gutenberg Blocks

PostX expands the Gutenberg blocks library with beautifully designed blocks. All of these blocks are highly customizable and smartly coded to maintain faster loading time. Keep reading and learn more about various types of Gutenberg blocks that come with PostX.

Gutenberg Post Blocks

The PostX post blocks let you organize your posts with a click. You can display your posts in grid, list, and slider views. Following the are available post blocks of PostX.

  • Post Grid #1
  • Post Grid #2
  • Post Grid #3
  • Post Grid #4
  • Post Grid #5
  • Post Grid #6
  • Post Grid #7
  • Post List #1
  • Post List #2
  • Post List #3
  • Post List #4
  • Post Slider #1
  • Post Slider #2 (Pro)
  • Post Module #1
  • Post Module #2
  • Post Taxonomy
  • Breaking News Ticker

Gutenberg Builder Blocks

PostX comes with all the essential blocks for it’s builder. So, you can build custom templates by adding the blocks to your desired position. Currently, PostX offers the following blocks:

  • Post Title
  • Post Content
  • Post Featured Image/Video
  • Post Breadcrumb
  • Post Tag
  • Post Category
  • Post Next Previous
  • Post Excerpt
  • Post Author Box
  • Post Comments
  • Post View Count
  • Post Reading Time
  • Post Comment Count
  • Post Author Meta
  • Post Date Meta
  • Post Social Share
  • Advanced Post Meta
  • Archive Title

Additional Gutenberg Blocks

Besides post blocks and builder blocks, PostX also has more Gutenberg blocks, including:

  • Table of Contents
  • Search
  • Heading
  • Image
  • Wrapper
  • Row Column
  • Button Group
  • List

πŸ‘‰ Explore All PostX Gutenberg Blocks

PostX Addons

PostX offers various addons, making it the all-in-one News, Magazine, and #1 WordPress Blog plugin. Currently, PostX has two types of add-ons, general and integration.

General Addons

PostX’s general add-ons make it more powerful and eliminate the need for multiple plugins to make ideal News Magazine sites or any kind of Blog. Check out the offerings of add-ons at a glance.

Dynamic Site Builder: It allows you to build custom templates for all essential pages. The newly created templates replace the default design of your themes. So you can display your posts in organized and visually stunning layouts. Currently, PostX allows you to create custom templates for the following pages:

  • Home Page
  • Archive Pages
  • Category Pages
  • Tag Pages
  • Author Pages
  • Search Results Pages
  • Single Blog Posts

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Custom Fonts: Upload your desired custom fonts and add use on PostX’s blocks with full typographical options.

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Saved Templates: Create custom templates with PostX’s starter packs and blocks to use anywhere via shortcode.

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Category: Add featured images, and specific colors for the category and tag pages. So, you can showcase category and tag pages in an organized way using PostX’s taxonomy block.

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Table of Contents: Add a table of contents to blog posts, pages, and custom post types to highlight important headings. It allows the readers to easily navigate to different sections of posts and pages.

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Progress Bar: Provide reading and page scrolling progress with a visual indicator.

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Integration Addons

The integration add-ons make it easier to use PostX with your favorite plugins. Currently, PostX offers integration with the following plugins:

ChatGPT: Generate and improve headings, bullet points, meta descriptions, post outlines, or complete blog posts using ChatGPT without leaving your WordPress dashboard.

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Elementor: Use PostX blocks and starter packs or other Gutenberg blocks with Elementor by using the saved templates addon of PostX.

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Divi: Convert PostX blocks, starter packs, or other Gutenberg blocks into shortcodes and use them with Divi Builder.

Oxygen: Use PostX, blocks, starter packs, and Gutenberg blocks while building any page with the Oxygen Builder.

WPBakery: Create custom designs with PostX blocks, starter packs, or Gutenberg blocks and save them as templates. So you can use the saved templates while building any page with the WPBakery Builder.

Beaver: Use PostX blocks, templates, and Gutenberg blocks with Beaber Builder via shortcode while building any page.

Bricks: Build any page using Bricks Builder and use PostX blocks and starter packs via shortcodes.

Yoast SEO: Replace WordPress excerpts with custom meta descriptions added with the Yoast plugin.

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RankMath: Display meta descriptions added with Rank Math instead of the default excerpt of WordPress.

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All in-One SEO: Replace WordPress excerpts with the custom meta description added with the All-in-One SEO plugin.

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SEOPress: Display custom meta descriptions added with SEOPress instead of the default excerpts.

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Squirrly: Replace the default excerpt of PostX post blocks with custom meta descriptions added with the Squirrly plugin.

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PostX Key Features

PostX is not only limited to post blocks, builders, and addons. Check out the most advanced and key features to make your site stand out.

Query Builder

PostX advanced query builder allows you to effortlessly display and sort your posts, pages, or both. You can also display specific post and custom post types in any PostX post block. Check out the most attractive post-sorting options.

  • Display Posts Based on Category
  • Display Posts Based on Tags
  • Display Posts Based on Category and Tags
  • Display Specific Posts/Pages
  • Display Custom Post Types
  • Popular Posts
  • Related Posts
  • Recent Posts
  • Random Posts
  • Oldest Posts
  • Most Commented Posts
  • Reorder Posts
  • Exclude Posts
  • Unique Content Group

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Ajax Filter

Allow your readers to quickly filter posts by category or tags without reloading the full pages.

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Ajax Pagination

PostX offers three types of Ajax paginations: load more, navigation, and numeric paginations.

Premade Patterns/Sections

PostX has premade templates for all of its post blocks. So you can skip the customization hassle while creating post sections or custom templates. However, you can also customize the patterns to make them even better.

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Developed by WPXPO. Contribute to Gutenberg Post Blocks on Bitbucket and join the party.

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πŸ“— Translations

PostX plugin is compatible with WPML Plugin and also it works perfectly with loco translate plugin.
You can Translate PostX on


  • Display desired posts and pages on specific blocks based on categories, tags, popular posts, related posts, recent posts, random posts, most commented posts, etc.
  • Add and customize any of the available pagination types that include Ajax load more pagination, post pagination, navigation, and numeric pagination.
  • The Ajax filter is also well known as a category filter, and the posts filter helps to let the visitors filter posts by categories and tags.
  • The Slider blocks show blog posts with responsive images that you can use at home or on any other pages you want.
  • There are multiple starter packs for different niches that include News, Magazine, Blog, Travel, Health, Sports News, Food, Gaming News, Crypto News, Beauty etc.
  • All the Post Blocks have multiple premade designs that will be available to change once you add a block to any page.
  • All blocks have multiple layout variations that will be available to change once you add a block to any page.
  • PostX offers multiple addons to expand its functionalities that include Category, Builder, Progress Bar, Elementor, Table of Contents, Saved Templates, SEO Meta addons.
  • The Gutenberg Table of Contents blocks is a complete solution multiple design, features and customization options.
  • The Scrolling Breaking News Ticker is finely crafted for all types of News Magazine sites with lots of variations and customization options.
  • With the help of the Elementor and Saved Template addons, you can use any of the post blocks of PostX to any pages while editing with Elementor builder.


This plugin provides 41 blocks.

  • Post Excerpt
  • Post Author Box
  • Post View Count
  • Post Grid Gutenberg Blocks and WordPress Blog Plugin - PostX
  • Post Author Meta
  • Post Content
  • Post Social Share
  • Archive Title
  • Post Category
  • Post Featured Image/Video
  • Advanced Post Meta
  • Post Next Previous
  • Post Date Meta
  • Post Tag
  • Post Comment Count
  • Post Reading Time
  • Post Title
  • Post Breadcrumb
  • Post Comments
  • Heading
  • Image
  • News Ticker
  • Post Grid #1
  • Post Grid #2
  • Post Grid #3
  • Post Grid #4
  • Post Grid #5
  • Post Grid #6
  • Post Grid #7
  • Post List #1
  • Post List #2
  • Post List #3
  • Post List #4
  • Post Module #1
  • Post Module #2
  • Post Slider #1
  • Table of Contents
  • Taxonomy
  • Wrapper
  • Post Grid Gutenberg Blocks and WordPress Blog Plugin - PostX
  • Post Grid Gutenberg Blocks and WordPress Blog Plugin - PostX


Minimum Requirements

  • WordPress 5.0.0 or greater
  • PHP version 7.3 or greater
  • MySQL version 5.6 or greater

Automatic installation

Automatic installation is the easiest option as WordPress handles the file transfers itself and you don’t even need to leave your web browser.

  1. Go to your WordPress Plugin installation menu (Dashboard > Plugins > Add New)
  2. In the search field type PostX and press enter.
  3. “Install Now” and then click “Active”

Manual installation

For Manual installation, you download our product from WordPress directory uploading it to your web-server via your FTP or CPanel application.

  1. Download the plugin and unzip it
  2. Using an FTP program or CPanel upload the unzipped plugin folder to your WordPress installation’s wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  3. Activate the plugin from the Plugins menu (Dashboard > Plugins > Installed Plugins) within the WordPress admin.


Automatic update working great for this plugin. If you customize the plugin make sure to store a backup before update.

Sometimes because of the permalink issue during the plugin update, just go to WordPress > Settings > Permalinks and hit the β€˜Save’ button.


Is this a Gutenberg Blocks plugin?

Yes, but it is a Gutenberg Post Block plugin. It displays the dynamic post on your page.

Where can I request new features?

We are available on the WordPress support forum.

Where can I report bugs and contribute to the project?

Bugs can be reported on the WordPress support forum.

Is it working with older version of WordPress?

It is a Gutenberg plugin it works great with WordPress version 5.x.x or more. And WordPress older version with Gutenberg plugin.


November 27, 2023
I am loving this add-on for Gutenberg. This is making life easy by creating beautiful Blog websites in just few clicks. All the best to PostX team!
November 29, 2023
As a web agency that specializes in creating and designing content-rich websites, we've come across the PostX plugin and would like to share our experiences. Usability:Handling PostX is intuitive and user-friendly. The integration into the Gutenberg editor allows our team to create appealing post grids with little effort. Design Flexibility:PostX offers a wide range of customization options that allow us to individually design the layout of our client projects. Whether it's a blog, news site, or online magazine, the plugin meets diverse design requirements. Performance:Even with extensive content, the performance of the websites remains stable, which is of great importance to our clients and their end-users. Support:For any inquiries, we could rely on competent and responsive support. Value for Money:Considering the functionality offered and the professional outcome, we find the price-performance ratio to be reasonable. In conclusion, PostX is poised to be perfect for our needs once ACF integration is complete, and we recommend it to those preparing for a more dynamic and customizable content management experience. We can confidently recommend PostX to other agencies and WordPress users looking for a solid solution for their content presentation.
November 7, 2023
I have now used PostX for two websites and it provides an excellent set of elements. There is so much functionality that there is something for everybody in it. Even if you only use a small part of what offers, it will deliver a lot. Customisation is straightforward. And although you may never need it, support is quick and very professional.
October 22, 2023
Stable, fast-loading, a lot to choose from, and frequent updates. Highly recommend πŸ™‚
October 18, 2023
Thank you to Mehedi and Tonmoy for their help with a fairly complicated taxonomy issue. This is a great plugin with great support from knowledgeable and helpful engineers.
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Contributors & Developers

“Post Grid Gutenberg Blocks and WordPress Blog Plugin – PostX” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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Interested in development?

Browse the code, check out the SVN repository, or subscribe to the development log by RSS.


3.1.9 – 26 November 2023

  • Fix: Post Content Block link Color issue

3.1.8 – 23 November 2023

  • Fix: Front End Post Submission Compatibility with FSE themes

3.1.7 – 23 November 2023

  • Fix: Post Breadcrumb Home text translating issue
  • Fix: Compatibility with Kadence Testimonial Block
  • Fix: Post Grid 3 Block Loadmore issue in the Frontend
  • Fix: Added Polish language support in the ChatGPT Addon
  • Fix: Single Post Builder post repetition issue in Loadmore
  • Fix: PostX Compatibility with PHP 8.1.12 and WordPress 6.4.1
  • Update: PostX Blocks automatically displayed YouTube thumbnails as featured images
  • Update: Common color and typography settings for the Post Social Share and Advanced Post Meta Site Builder blocks

3.1.6 – 14 November 2023

  • Fix: Row/Column Block Column justify alignment responsiveness
  • Fix: PostX Banner conflict with Memcache & Object Cache Plugins
  • Fix: Compatibility of PostX WPBakery Addon with WPBakery Page Builder

3.1.5 – 18 October 2023

  • Fix: Compatibility of PostX Site Builder with Divi and Elementor builders
  • Fix: Single Post Builder conflict within the taxonomy related quick query and pagination.
  • Fix: Post repetition issue in Single Post Builder within other blocks, with Pagination and Filter
  • Update: Added z-index setting option in column block for more precise control over element layering

3.1.4 – 11 October 2023

  • Fix: Pagination issue when duplicating the block into another page

3.1.3 – 8 October 2023

  • Fix: List Block defualt order/unorder list style issue with Divi theme
  • Fix: Releated post repetition issue with Pagination and Filter
  • Fix: Post Comments Block Popuplar Theme compatibility issue
  • Fix: Data sanitize and escaping issue Fixed
  • Fix: Footer builder Theme compatibility issue
  • Fix: Save Template style issue With Elementor
  • Fix: Viewport issue inside Header builder
  • Fix: Category specific color issue
  • Fix: Search Block Firefox browser issue

3.1.2 – 21 September 2023

  • Fix: Pagination issue.

3.1.1 – 18 September 2023

  • Fix: Row , Button Group , List – PostX blocks compatibility issue with Firefox browser
  • Fix: Next Previous button issue in pagination
  • Fix: Broken border radius in Post Grid 1 and Post Module 1 block
  • Update: Improvement in pagination, loadMore and filter ajax actions

3.1.0 – 10 September 2023

  • Fix: PostX Search Block box shadow issue
  • Fix: Post Social Share Blocks RTL Support issue
  • Fix: Taxonomy Block icon issue in Design Library
  • Update: Link options added in Button Group Block
  • Update: Child hide option added in Post Breadcrumb Block
  • Update: Post Type Exclude option added in Search – PostX Block
  • Update: Japanese Date format added in Advanced Post Meta block

3.0.9 – 4 September 2023

  • New: Header Builder
  • New: Footer Builder
  • New: 404 Page Builder

3.0.8 – 29 Aug 2023

  • New: FSE theme support
  • Fix: PHP warning in multiTaxonomy query
  • Fix: Search Icon Alignment & left/right position Issue Fixed

3.0.7 – 14 Aug 2023

  • New: Dynamic Search Block
  • New: List Block Bullet Alignment Option Added
  • New: Archive Title Block Prefix on Top Option Added
  • Fix: Taxonomy Fallback Image Issue
  • Fix: Saved Template Option Should be Minimize Even if You Click Outside
  • Fix: Video Popup ESC button Issue
  • Fix: Post Grid 2 Loadmore is showing instead of Pagination Issue
  • Fix: Translating Filter Issue
  • Fix: Color Picker Broken Issue
  • Fix: PostX & PostX Pro Plugin Name Inconsistency Issue
  • Fix: Table of Content Open Close Issue
  • Fix: Post Grid 3: Layout 5 Typography Issue
  • Fix: Blocks Fullwidth issue inside block editor

3.0.6 – 31th July 2023

  • Fix: Data escaping issue

3.0.5 – 27th July 2023

  • New: Bricks Builder Addon Added

3.0.4 – 18th July 2023

  • Fix: ChatGPT icon issue
  • Fix: Condition label issue in site builder

3.0.3 – 12th July 2023

  • Fix: Color field issue
  • Fix: Templatekits issue
  • Fix: String translations issue

3.0.2 – 10th July 2023

  • Fix: License page issue for new user
  • Fix: PHP Warning inside builder

3.0.1 – 9th July 2023

  • Update: Fix Initial Setup issue

3.0.0 – 9th July 2023

  • Update: Dashboard UI

2.9.15 – 6th July 2023

  • New: Oxygen Builder Addon Added

2.9.14 – 4 July 2023

  • New: WPBakery Page Builder Addon Added

2.9.13 – 26 June 2023

  • New: Banner Removed From Dashboard

2.9.12 – 25 June 2023

  • New: Beaver Builder Builder Addon Added

2.9.11 – 22 June 2023

  • New: Divi Builder Addon

2.9.10 – 19 June 2023

  • New: ChatGPT Addon

2.9.9 – 14 June 2023

  • Fix: Template Kits Alignment issue
  • Fix: Category Color Override issue

2.9.8 – 11 June 2023

  • Fix: Ajax pagination issue on scrolling
  • Fix: Image full width issue in Archive Title block
  • Fix: Issue with View count in Advanced Post Meta block
  • Fix: Issue with Comment count in Post Comment Count block
  • Fix: Compatibility issue with PublishPress Revisions plugin
  • Fix: Image height issue with anchor tag in Image block in Twenty Twenty Two theme
  • Fix: Video height and Image border radius issue in Post Featured Image/Video block
  • Update: New unit rem added
  • Update: Updated Google Fonts
  • Update: Memory optimization improved
  • Update: Dynamic caption in Featured Image/Video block
  • Update: Premade Patterns added on toolbar for Button and List – PostX block

2.9.7 – 25 May 2023

  • New: List Block Feature
  • Fix: Default font weight issue in typography
  • Fix: Post Content Block Css Issue in Builder Template

2.9.6 – 22 May 2023

  • Update: Postx Banner Updated
  • Update: Feature Image/Video Support in Custom Post Type
  • Fix: Post Slider 1 Mobile Responsive Issue
  • Fix: Single Post Builder Post Repetition Issue

2.9.5 – 18 May 2023

  • Fix: Php function parameter deprecated issues fixed

2.9.4 – 17 May 2023

  • New: Button Block Feature
  • New: Dynamic icon Control Option
  • Fix: Row Column and Wrapper Block compatibility issue
  • Fix: Slider 1,2 Arrow icon background color issue fixed
  • Fix: Unique content not working properly on Archive Builder

2.9.3 – 10 May 2023

  • New: Custom Font Addon

2.9.2 – 17 April 2023

  • Update: Dashboard Banner Updated

2.9.1 – 5 April 2023

  • Fix: Row Column Issue Fixed

2.9.0 – 3 April 2023

  • Fix: WordPress 6.2 Compatibility Issue
  • Fix: Favicon issue with Twenty Twenty Three theme
  • Fix: Issue with saving attributes in the Row Block
  • Fix: Table of Contents block compatibility issue with default group block
  • Fix: Removed meta value number option from the query builder in Archive Builder
  • Fix: Advanced navigation block of Essential Blocks Plugin CSS broken issue
  • Fix: CSS Missing Issue in Newspaper theme Widget Area
  • Fix: has_post_thumbnail function removed from Image Conditions
  • Update: Builder Template Copy Option Added
  • Update: Taxonomy Block Siblings Visible Option
  • Update: rem CSS unit added to Typography Control
  • Update: Image alt attribute value updated by dynamic image attribute value.
  • Update: A search field has been added to the taxonomy value select box
  • Update: Text control for No results found added in every block
  • Update: Option added to the Post Social Share block to disable sticky position when the footer appears
  • Update: New Upgraded Look for all Post List Block
  • Update: Large Post and small Post Excerpt Control Separated in Post List Block

See changelog for all versions.